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3 Tech Trends in 2022

3 Tech Trends in 2022

3 Tech Trends in 2022, the Covid-19 outbreak has spawned a work from home (WFH) culture which is accompanied by increased utilization of technology.

Along with changing times, several technologies and developments will become a 3 Tech Trends in 2022. Call it Metaverse, NFT, and this time Site 3.0.

3 Tech Trends in 2022

3 Tech Trends in 2022

3 Tech Trends in 2022: Metaverse NFT and Site 3.0

The idea that is carried on the 3.0 site is artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence). Not only humans can relate to both humans, but one program can relate to another. The arrival of this new technology and development is seen as changing human life in the next year.

Motivator Syamsul Safin explained that the change in site 3.0 seems to have an effect on the availability of jobs. The problem of the availability of human resources (HR) has been replaced by digital technology.

The shrinking of job opportunities has an effect on job seekers. The difficulty of getting a job makes some of these job seekers swerve to open a business.

“In the end, there are many new startups that are trying to start a business by focusing on capital or so that they can become Unicorns,” said Syamsul.

However, said Syamsul, it is not easy to make this effort. There are many examples of startup companies that went bankrupt. Call it Fabelio (furniture marketplace), Valadoo (e-commerce site operating in the travel sector), Sorabel (e-commerce for clothing products) and there are many more.

“The trigger for startup companies to go bankrupt is because of a lack of capital in the middle of the business. This is called burning money. Not even if the startup company has an obligation to pay debts. Then it can be determined to wait for the bankruptcy,” he continued.

Witnessing this situation, several social media were encouraged to join together at Saung Dolken Resort. 100 people meet off-line and 200 people come online from various career backgrounds.

Currently, linked-in users around the world have reached 740 million users, around 21 million users come from Indonesia. LinkedIn is one of the social media bases that is divided into a number of professionals from all sectors.

This event was initiated by Syarea World, a company that has helped many entrepreneurs to grow, especially during the epidemic period. This event is fully supported by Mili, a digital-based application base company.

“Mili welcomes this event and hopefully with this kind of event Mili can play a role in reducing the movement in Indonesia,” said Deputy CEO of Mili, Erik Yoachim.

Erik added, as a business partner of a telecommunications company in Indonesia, namely Telkomsel, the 2nd link has prepared the old Milli, so that it is ready to run a business with a digital base.

The head of the executor of the face-to-face event, Muharmen Noviandy explained, throughout the event his faction implemented strict health procedures, the seats of several participants had been adjusted to the provisions of physical distancing.

“Events with the same idea will be held regularly. We want to play a role in helping several prospective employees to get assignments as soon as possible so they can reduce numbers in Indonesia,” he concluded.