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4 Accessories Video Games

4 Accessories Video Games

4 Accessories Video Games, for those of you who like to play  games  on mobile phones, it will be very uncomfortable when playing for a long time.

Need HP gaming accessories like the following so that you are more comfortable and easy to win. 

4 Accessories Video Games

4 Accessories Video Games

4 Accessories Video Games that you can use :

1. Trigger

This game accessory is perfect for those of you who like to play battle royale genre games. This PUBG gaming accessory is used as the L1 and R1 buttons.

That way, you will be more free to shoot while your thumb can be free to move the camera and walk.

You can adjust the location of this trigger on your phone according to your convenience. With accessories that cost less than Rp. 100 thousand, you can win more easily.

2. Gamepad

This type of game accessories for smartphones is used as a substitute for controls on your smartphone screen. That way, you can be more comfortable playing various types of games.

There are 2 types of gamepads, namely :

  • Gamepad handle: this gamepad is not equipped with control buttons like for game consoles. However, this gamepad handle allows you to more easily grip your phone. That way, it will be easier for you to play games on the smartphone screen.
  • Gamepad controller: this type of gamepad is shaped like a console stick so you don’t have to touch the smartphone screen. This type of gamepad is suitable for having many buttons so it is not suitable for playing MOBA and FPS type games.

3. JoystickAccessories that are installed on the smartphone screen will make it easier for you when adjusting the movement of the character. That way, your character like in a MOBA game will be more free to move.

4. GameviceAccessories for playing this cellphone game have a fairly expensive price, which is around IDR 1.2 million per piece. This is because the gamevice is equipped with complete features.

The buttons on the gamevice are ABXY buttons, dual analog joysticks, 1.2/R2 triggers, menu buttons and L1/R1 Bumpers. In addition, the gamevice is also equipped with a .35 mm jack, 4 LED indicators and a lighting connector.

ConclusionThose are some types of cellphone gaming accessories that you should have. By using these accessories, you can still play games comfortably even for a long time.

Thus the article about 4 Accessories Video Games . Thank you for reading to the end and good luck!