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About Respond to Strike Online Game

About Respond to Strike Online Game

About respond to strike online game – is a Respond to Strike generation game that can be played online various other compared to Respond to Strike Global Offending or commonly called (CSGO) is an FPS game or (first individual shooter) that must use the Internet. This game was developed by Nexon from Southern Korea.

This game has to do with Respond to Terrorists (CT) or Terrorists (TR) when it entered Indonesia it was launched in July 2008 by Designer Megaxus in partnership with Nexon.

But on August 1, 2019, Megaxus began shutting down its solutions. It’s feasible that Megaxus’ choice was taken because less individuals would certainly play FPS games because currently individuals prefer MOBA (MultiPlayer Online Fight Field) games. And the game Respond to Strike takes on Point Blank.

1.Original Setting of Respond to Strike Online Game

is a setting where the gamer must have the ability to obtain one of the most ratings after that the group will win the suit.

Bomb Objective: Bomb objective is among the settings that are very suched as by gamers, where gamers that are Terrorist (TR) must have the ability to install a bomb that’s held by an arbitrary gamer, if they succeed in installing a Terrorist they must also protect the bomb so that it does not obtain defused by the group Respond to Terrorist (CT) if the bomb is maintained until it blows up after that the Terrist Group will win the game.

For Respond to Terrorists (CT), the job is to have the ability to slaughter all Terrorist Groups and prevent the terrorist groups from installing the bombs they carry, if the bomb is effectively installed, the respond to strike group must attempt to scattered the bomb so as to avoid the bomb from blowing up, so if it does not explode, the group must attempt to defuse the bomb. respond to terrorists will obtain a rating, if the bomb blows up, the terrorist group will obtain factors About respond to strike online game.

Hostage save: By doing this of functioning is the way our anti terrorist group should have the ability to take the hostage to a refuge, because when you play hostage is put in a terrorist place, the job of the anti terrorist group is to save the hostage until he is safe a specific place in the game, and cannot let the hostages pass away. The job of terrorists is to hold hostages so that respond to terrorists don’t take them hostage. If the hostage is fired, the shooter will shed his money.

About Respond to Strike Online Game

About Respond to Strike Online Game

2.Respond to Strike Online Game Bot Setting

Where we’ll fight rocrawlers, from light rocrawlers to professional rocrawlers (one of the most challenging). Anybody that desires to practice this technique can use it without the need for various other gamers, so it is one of the most practical way to practice shooting in purchase to hit the target.


Deathmatch is a setting where all gamers are opponents, there are no groups, so they’ll eliminate each various other and until they obtain the highest score they’ll win, and everybody fights and attempts to be the most importantly gamers in the room, one room has much less of 16 gamers.

4.Group Deathmatch

Group Deathmatch is a setting where terrorists (CT) fight terrorist groups (TR), in this setting when we are eliminated we’ll instantly reappear with approximately 5 secs of fatality, in this setting our group must have the ability to attempt to accomplish maximum outcomes. to eliminate. If you score one of the most eliminates, that group will win the game.

5.Zombie Situation

This setting is Zombie Setting, where we’ll choose the place where we want to combat the zombie manager. Before we satisfy the manager or the last zombie degree, we must have the ability to overcome the challenges in it, with the tools we have we must have the ability to fight all the zombies. In this program, the counter-terrorism group and the terrorist group collaborate to loss the program. This setting is one of the most interesting setting for Respond to Strike Online gamers, because they constantly collaborate to obtain very fascinating benefits if we complete the setting.