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Forgotten Android Games, Anything?

Forgotten Android Games, Anything?

Forgotten Android Games, Anything?, this forgotten Android game was also viral in its time. Unfortunately, their current existence is lost as if swallowed by the Earth.

Simply put, the game trend is like a movie. When new games are released, they will flood the public’s attention. However, the longer it will be forgotten.

Usually, that’s what developers do to keep updating the game to provide the latest content. But, of course that can’t prevent it from being replaced by newer games.

Forgotten Android Games, Anything?

Forgotten Android Games, Anything?

Know Forgotten Android Games, Was Viral at the Time, Anything?

There are so many Android games, it makes their competition even tougher.

Games that were previously very popular may one day be shifted and forgotten. Forgotten Android Games, Anything? Here are some games on Android that were popular but now no one ever talks about them anymore.


This first game was very popular. In fact, Vainglory has earned the nickname ‘the elder of the MOBA genre’ on the mobile platform.

Vainglory had become a game with the largest community of players. Even so famous, there are often Vainglory tournaments in various cities.

As there are many games with the new MOBA genre, finally Vainglory can’t compete and is forgotten.

Clash of Clans

At the time of its initial release, Clash of Clans already attracted a lot of attention. In fact, the game Clash of Clans got the nickname as the game of a million people.

It used to be very easy to find Clash of Clans players, from children to adults. The taste of gamers who have turned to Battle Royale and MOBA has made the era of the glory of Clash of Clans have to pass.

Even though it’s not as busy as it used to be and has become a forgotten Android game, Clash of Clans can still be played today.

Pokemon GO

This game was very excited at the time. How not, Pokemon GO presents a very new gameplay innovation , namely by uniting the real environment with the game.

The task of the player is to hunt Pokemon that are scattered virtually using the GPS system. Because of its popularity, there were even various myths about the Pokemon GO game in the past.

In Indonesia, the Pokemon GO fever lasted less than 5 months. Now, the name Pokemon GO is very rarely heard.

LINE Get Rich’s

This next game was booming in Indonesia in 2014-2015 and managed to survive long enough to dominate the mobile platform.

LINE Get Rich’s is an online arcade game where players compete to play monopoly. You can also play with up to 4 friends.

To play LINE Get Rich’s, you must first create a line account. This game began to lose its prestige when Clash of Clans appeared.

The list of forgotten Android games is very exciting and of course it opens up more memories before the game world was as advanced as it is now.